Coral Garden

In the middle of the bay, between Liberty wreck and Drop off, just off the beach is the Coral Garden. A shallow reef with depths between 3-18m with plenty of table corals and fire corals, big clown fish anemones, sponges and a wide ranging fish population.

Ribbon eels live here as well as octopus and shrimps. The main attraction is a cleaner station which is a big sponge. Cleaner shrimps clean visiting fishes or even your teeth if you want. Further down the reef towards the steeper sand slope you can see black tip reef sharks.

Here are barrel sponges and a few surprises, as well as young angel fish, two-spot lion fish, schools of stripped eel cat fish and many more ...

The coral garden is, also like the wreck, a perfect place to go for a night dive due to the shallow depth and the location. You might find spanish dancer and flash light fish.