About us

Hi - since 1998 I'm in Bali now and PADI IDC Staff-Instructor. Before I decided to settle down here I worked in Thailand and in the Mediterranean as an Instructor for several dive operators as well as an manager and was involved at the construction of bases. I have been able from those experiences to put my own ideas and wishes into the construction of my dive castle.

It is my aim to make your vacation so pleasant and individual with us as possible. My philosophy includes not only excellent customer service. It is one of my main concerns to teach the responsibility for the sub water world already in the beginner education. I am strict against mass trainings and hordes of divers. By the way, individually arranged dives in small groups are more fun anyway.

We invite you into our dive castle to an unforgettable dive vacation where stress free family environment and perfect relaxation are the priorities.

My wife Lily and our daughters Jolina and Angie. As manager, instructor and guide, Lily and i make sure that you always feel completely at ease.

Made is "maid of all works", pool master and Staff administrator, if a hot water tank does not work, a lock sticks or a lamp needs to be replaced, he is the man.

Komang, Putu, Nyoman, Ketut, Ilu und Nengah (from left to right) provide you with all culinary and makes your fruit juice taste like fruit juice. With their eternal smile they daily conjure a grin up your face.

Wayan and Made are the "dive base men" and check that there is always fresh water in the washbasin, your tanks deliver 200 bars (sometime it can be more), if your pressure gauge has a problem or a O-ring needs to be changed, they will do it for you.

Wayan and Putu provide you a freshly made bed when you come from diving, they look that the towel hangs on the right place and the toilet paper never ends. They are pleased to accept a order from you if there is a T-shirt or trousers needed to be washed.

Brat our gardener cares about the whole park, waters the flowers, mows the lawn and is in the mood for a joke constantly.

Nyoman pick you up from the airport and take you directly to the castle and he also will show you all the attractions and most hidden spots and corners of the island if you want to make an island excursion.

don't make troubles - just leave bubbles!