About diving in Tulamben

Tulamben is the most famous, most beautiful dive site on Bali and has got a lot to offer. This is the reason why well known international underwater photographers and writers keep coming here. Tulamben is situated on the northeast coast of Bali, where micro plankton arrives with the water from the Pacific stream into the Indian Ocean.

Keeping these facts in mind it is not surprising that all dive spots in Tulamben are so rich in marine life. It is surely a incredible diverse underwater eco system.

The beach is covered with fist sized black stones which are from volcanic origin. They slowly become fine black sand due to the pulverization of the waves. This sand doesn't stir up like shell sand and together with a low presence of visible plankton it results in a visibility around 25 meters. The black colour of the sand plays its part by creating a strong contrasting background which pronounces the fantastic colours and shapes of the marine life, highlighting the corals, gorgonians and fishes.