Batu Kelebit and Alam Anda

A five minute ride in a Jukung (a traditional Balinese boat still used by the fishermen) takes you to a bay east of Tulamben. Batu Kelebit are two large underwater rocks. The dive site consists of three steep ridges which are completely covered with hard corals, beautiful fire corals and sponges. Among these ridges is, in difference to theTulamben area, white sand. The next distinction you'll see is the underwater life.

The steepness of the ridges and their structure in combination with the plankton in the water nearly guarantee sightings of big fish like sharks, mantas, tuna, barracudas and even molas.

Batu Kelebit's water temperatures are colder compared to Tulamben and the diving goes a bit deeper. The current sometimes can be strong but the ridges offer protection.